our roots

Established in 2001, former mayor of Tulsa, Dewey Bartlett Jr. had the vision of creating a farm that would be passed down from generation to generation. Having grown up working cattle, Dewey knew that hard work and patience are two of the many values learned best on a farm. That, and his passion for his home state, led him to establish an orchard of one of Oklahoma's best-kept secrets, the pecan tree. Grown with the best of care and lots of hard work, the pecan tree takes up to 8 years to produce its first crop. Dewey obviously chose wisely.  

Years went by and his daughter Ann, country girl at heart, fell madly in love with a stud who happened to also be a country boy at heart. Neither grew up in the country or on a farm, yet both knew that was where life would take them. JP and Ann now live on the orchard. JP manages the trees and Ann cooks up all kind of pecan delicacies.