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Fresh pecans, delivered to your door



Take your dish from standard to stand-out


Most americans dIdn’t have access to fArm-fresh pecans.

Until noW

  • FResH tasTe

  • Finest FLavor

  • All Year Long

Your Source for fresh, Local pecans


Flat Rate Shipping

Get what you want and we’ll worry about the shipping. We ship priority mail across the country and charge a flat rate regardless of where it’s going. Your nuts arrive in 3 days or less.


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We’ll send you fresh pecans every few months so you don’t run out! Along with your steady supply of nuts, members receive discounts on additional purchases



Feel confident that you are supporting a family farm. Our farm is located on a beautiful piece of property in Northeast Oklahoma. Three kids, three dogs and 1500 trees. Home sweet home.

best cookie recipe image.png

The best cookie ever.

The secret ingredient in this recipe will change the way you make cookies! Hint… It’s not pecans!


Guaranteed Fresh

Store bought pecans can sit on the shelf for months! These super-nuts are packed with heart-healthy oils that give it their delicious taste. The problem is, these oils will go rancid if not kept fresh. We guarantee our nuts are always fresh and ready to ship to your door. Try our pecans. You will see and taste the difference, or your money back! You won’t be disappointed.


Heart Healthy

Zero cholesterol. Packed with good fats. And compared to other nuts, pecans are among the lowest in carbs! Pecans are also rich in the same compounds found in brightly colored produce! Good bye celery, bring on the nuts! Blend them in a smoothie, toss them in a salad or simply snack on them whole! Our pecans are a wholesome, homegrown nut that’s ideal for any time of the year!